It’s been a busy three months at Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus. We took our 003CS, which finished first in class twice at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring, converted it to road legal status and drove it over 150 miles around New Orleans, including thru the French Quarter on the Cento Mille Rally. We built and sold our first 003S road car and began driving it, from the Saw Mill Parkway in New York, to The Thermal Club in  California.

Testing 003S at The Thermal Club

We obtained New York State manufacturer plates.
We sold two 003CS’ and have sold out of our entire run of 2018 003’s. We will be entering a 003C in the 24 Hours of Nurburgring in 2018. We have expanded our team to include 24 people working on 004 development.

On November 17, 2021 we unveiled our latest model, SCG 004S. Three months later we:
* Sold out our entire 2019 run of 004’s including 3 prototype 004CS’
* Started taking deposits for Model Year 2020 004S’
* Finalized material selection, manufacture process and location and alliances with suppliers;
* Tested aerodynamic solutions to define underbody and external surfaces, intakes and cooling;
* We’re currently in the final stage of designing every part of 004S with tool makers and suppliers.
* We remain on track to start building the first six 004S/004C/004CS prototypes mid 2018 three of which have been pre sold to customers

On January 22, 2022 we announced that we were going to create a modern version of our Baja Boot. We have:
* Completed our preliminary design study, as well as formalized agreements with
OEMs for major components.
* Explored racing factory and customer SCG Boots in the Baja 1000 starting in 2019.


* Explored setting a world altitude driving record with our Expedition SCG Boot

Volcano3 Volcano2
* Began exploring driving our Expedition Boot West from New York across the Bering Strait amphibiously, down The Road of Bones, across the Trans Siberian Highway to St. Petersburg, and on into Paris.


SCG Expedition Boot Road of Bones Amphibious Version

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Future Plans

Our SCG 003CS, first in class at The Nurburgring, driving down the streets of New Orleans.

In 2018-19 SCG will
* Build our 004S prototypes and complete a rigorous testing program including countless track miles by Our Race Team Drivers;
* Build and deliver our first 004S’ in 2018, and continue production and delivery in 2019.
* Continue to take orders for our 2019 003S, 2020 004S, 004CS, 004C, SCG 2DR 3 seat and 4DR 5 Seat Boots’ with central driving positions
* Race a 2018 003C at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring: https://www.facebook.com/FYRacecars/videos/1512639928834914/?hc_ref=ARR0seXIkQSpVfFDoa3K2f_kSWUB_6Uku58-VBSBE3C0PdIPJVGUXf_kZVPFLEmiP90&pnref=story
* Develop a GT3/GTE version of 004 which we will race at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring in 2019;
* Look to expand our racing to Le Mans, Daytona, Sebring, and the WEC;
* We have added several major sponsors, and hope to interest others.
* Continue to apply the tremendous knowledge we’ve learned by racing to our road cars.

SCG Expedition Boot Interior

SCG 4-door five seat Boot, designed to drive the Road of Bones
Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus has racing and adventure in its blood. We chose the most challenging driving adventures, and build cars to compete in those adventures. Just as our road cars are driven by endurance racing, our SCG Boot will be driven by equally challenging off-road adventures.

1. The Baja 1000
The Baja 1000 is one of the most challenging off-road endurance races in The World. That’s why we are proud to announce that SCG will be building, designing, and racing our modern SCG Boot in The 2019 Baja 1000 and other classic off-road races. Unlike trophy trucks, our Boots will be fully road legal, and able to drive on and off the road. We will be racing with a small team of SCG Boot Founders.

2. The Rally
Some of our favorite memories are driving the Historic Targa Florio around Sicily, push starting our Ferrari P 3/4 in the dead of night when it stalled, driving Dino Competizione around tiny cobble stone streets and stopping for food, to talk to people and fans. It’s the adventure, and the friends we meet along the way with the fellow drivers that make incredible adventures. Many people hold rallies including Peeking to Paris. SCG dreamed up the craziest, most extreme rally we could imagine. Tried once, over 100 years ago but never successfully completed Driving West from New York across the Bering Strait amphibiously, down The Road of Bones, across the Trans Siberian Highway to St Petersburg and on into Paris.
3. The Volcano
We are also exploring trying to set the world altitude record with our SCG Expedition Boot.

Reservations for 2020 SCGs
Our 2019 004S Founders Editions are completely sold out. We have already taken deposits and pre orders for our 2020 004’s even before announcing we were doing so publicly.
We are now publicly taking orders for our 2020 004’s, which will still have a limited run.

2020 004S Specs:
* Carbon fiber chassis and body
* Weight around 2600 pounds
* Three seats, driver center
* 690HP base engine with higher HP package optional
* Manual 6-speed gearbox with clutch pedal standard
* Paddle shift 2 pedal optional
* Natural/tinted carbon fiber optional
* Designed and manufactured in the United States of America
* Sold by SCG as a turn key car with 17 digit VIN number under our NHTSA Low Volume Manufactures Status
* Safety and emissions compliant in the United States as required by NHTSA Low Volume Manufacture guidelines
* Base price $400k

To Order 2019 a 003S, an SCG Boot, or Pre-Order an SCG 004S or press inquiries
contact Jim Glickenhaus jim@scgCars.com
2019 SCG 003S $2,200,000
2019 SCG 2DR Boot $250,000
2019 SCG 4DR Boot $275,000
SCG Race and Expedition Support for The Baja 1000, The Road of Bones, and The
Volcano POA