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The all-new road car from Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG), the SCG003S, was revealed to the world at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this month, and although the car was the star of the show, two other exclusive accessories were launched too: a bespoke purse and briefcase.

The purse and briefcase were produced to perfectly fit the car and crafted from the very finest Italian leather. Each item slots alongside the seat and door, and to ensure they blend into the exquisite interior of the car, the bag handles disappear into the bag when they are stowed. This means that they are never in the way, sliding out again automatically as the bags are removed from the car.

At Geneva the beautifully crafted bags were shown in black and blue to match the interior of the SCG003S on display, but as they are made from the very same leather that appears in each car, customers are able to personalise the luggage to their own individual specification.

These two luxury baggage items follow on from the recent announcement that SCG is working with BRM to create a range of bespoke timepieces, named the SCG003S Collection, which will feature two watches: a Chronograph and a Sport watch.

To craft the SCG003S Collection, BRM’s artisans integrated the car’s one-of-a-kind aesthetic into precision machines that reflect the performance of the team and company. The watches will be released in summer 2017 and are available as part of a numbered, limited-edition series.

SCG founder Jim Glickenhaus said: “The SCG003S is truly a thing of beauty and we wanted to create luggage and a watch that complemented its unique appearance. I’m really pleased with how both the purse and briefcase look and especially how the truly reflect the SCG003S in terms of design, advanced engineering, and craftmanship.”

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